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In 1970, Vince Donohue, while President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jefferson Insurance Company, recognizing the future significance of Surplus Lines Claims Management in a newly developing insurance arena orchestrated the founding of what was to become the Surplus Lines Claims Association and now the International Association of Claim Professionals. His presence, prestige and dedication during the formative years were essential to the early viability of today’s widely respected and recognized professional group.

After Vince’s untimely death, the Vince Donohue Award was established for persons making particularly significant contributions to the Excess and Surplus Industry and to the IACP through their exemplary professionalism in claims management, leadership and overall business endeavors, bringing respect and recognition to the critical role of claims professionals in our industries success.

1981   Patrick Magarick
1982   Bill Coppock
1983   Emile Rago
1985   Jack Keith
1987   Decio Rubano
1988   Nino Crisafulli
1989   A.M. “Bud” Brown
1991   Rolland L. Wiegers
1992   Bill Gainer
1993   Harry R. Hinkleman
1994   A.L. “Tony” DiPardo
1995   Paul A. Fitzgerald
1996   Edward J. McKinnon
1997   Robert H. Hammond
1998   M.E. “Mike” Bogan
1999   Jay Deiner
2000   Earl C. Davis
2002   Arthur J. Mella
2003   Anthony R. Przybyszewski
2004   Michael J. Merlo
2005   Joanne Moore
2006   E.A. Andy Anderson
2007   Charles Donohue
2008   Walter V. O’Grady
2009   Frank M. Nicoletti, Esq.
2010   James Caballero
2011   Rex Hahn
2012   Kurt Steinhauer
2013   Catherine A. Kalaydjian
2014   Gary Bass
2015   Sandra Van Enk
2016   James McNamara
2017   Stuart Willoughby
2018   Pete Fennell
2019   Edward R. Quinn Jr.